Australian School Holidays

by Purple Development
added 21.01.2016

You maybe a teacher, parent, carer, student or whoever you are that plan your life around Australian Public School Holiday.
You carry your phone and calendar around you but need a better reminder to tell you what is coming up next and when you should commit yourself to certain things.
Well, this app would help you to plan your life.

Import Australian public school holiday to your calendar and, with a few tap, your phone would start to work as your personal assistant to remind you on the upcoming school holiday before planning your next vacation and you can just start counting down to the next holiday.

We update the school holidays every year so the app should always have the current year and the next year’s school holiday. Enjoy!

Note: School Holidays updated to
VIC: 2019
NSW: 2019
QLD: 2019
WA: 2019
SA: 2018
TAS: 2018
ACT: 2019
NT: 2018

The app doesn’t try to add bells and whistles and that’s the way it should be. Simple, straightforward information for all states and territories. The calendar is for 2015 and 2016 and doesn’t assume next years dates are the same as this year as some other apps do. Syncing of the selected term holidays with my calendar worked flawlessly.


3 clicks and done. Thank you

Upset it no longer works (Australia)

Great app. Easy to use. Syncs flawlessly

Looqoo (Australia)