Voice Memo Wifi Sharing

by Purple Development
added 21.01.2016

Voice Memo Wifi Sharing allows you to record voice memo and share/transfer them easily.

It allows background recording so you can still use other apps or browse the web while you’re doing recording.

Downloading or sharing voice memo is extremely simple, you can share it via Wifi when you’re connected to a Wifi network, upload to GDrive, email as attachment, or download via USB from iTunes.

Voice Memo Wifi Sharing allows you to choose quality level of your voice memo so you can choose whats best for your needs, nice and easy.

You can listen to the voice memo inside the app, or you can download to your computer and play it via your stereo speaker.

Voice Wifi has many great uses, it can record meetings or teleconferences, or simply record a university lecture if you’re a student.

– Wifi
– Google Drive
– Email