Distance Comparison Map

by Purple Development
added 21.01.2016

Distance Comparison Map helps you compare the distance between 2 locations with a variable radius from your hometown, where you are most familiar with. You can easily have an idea of how far away the chosen locations are because Distance Comparison Map visualize it side-by-side with your hometown’s map!

How many times have you wondered how far it is from this place to that location? Or even though you know exact distance in kilometres or miles, you still have no idea? Distance Comparison Map will definitely brings you the answer. Distance Comparison Map let you choose a hometown location and translate the remote distance into your hometown’s. The distance can easily be understood because it becomes the distance in your hometown, an area you know best.

With Distance Comparison Map you know the distance from New York, USA to Boston, USA equals that from Rome, Italy to Bologna, Italy; And the distance from London, UK to Paris, France equals that from Toronto, Canada to Ottawa, Canada.

This app make it easier for me to articulate the distance of my whereabouts from another perspective.

Exc33d (Australia)

Great app to use while travelling.

Keigaex (Australia)

Very good program and very easy to use. Great when planing an excursion.

Ben-Ciro (Israel)