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  • Hi, downloaded simple roster to my iphone 5. All was ok. I paid and upgraded to the full version and since then it will not load. Have removed and reinstalled several times but it refuses to load. Any ideas would be welcome. Many thanks. Pete.

    • We have tested Simple Roster on several iPhone 5 and its been working fine. We’ve also received a lot of feedbacks that its been working great on iPhone 5. You might want to update your iOS to the latest (6.1.2 as of today) and try again, or if you’re already on the latest, restart your iPhone, delete the app and re-install.

  • Hi
    Paid for the upgrade to Simple Roster, but now the app just starts to load and then won’t open.
    Very frustrating as the free version worked well.
    Lost all my saved shifts! Tried reinstalling three times but still the same!
    Any help would be appreciated

  • Hello
    Since I purchased the product. It’s crashing. I have deleted n reinstalled several times same prob. I using it on iPhone 5
    Any help plz!!!!!!!

  • Installed Simple Roster, opened fine. Then bought full version in app purchase. Now when I open the app the launch screen appears then the app shuts down. Still appears in running apps but will not open up full screen without minimising again. Have iPhone 4, running IOS7.04. Any help appreciated.

  • Hi
    Still waiting for the fix. It was working good when it was free. My iPhone ver is 7.0.4. Thanx

  • When are you going to make “SimpleRoster” available for android?
    It is a fantastic app.
    Well done


  • Nick Robinson |

    I work a 16 week roster. I’ve entered it into the Calender no problem but I want to repeat that 16 week roster continuously. The problem I have is to repeat you can only do it whilst viewing one month. I need to be able to repeat 16 weeks at a time. Help please.

    • First, tap on ANY 2 dates at the same time on the calendar to bring up the repeat menu first. Then in the repeat menu, tap on the start & end date cell and you’ll be able to change the start & end date to the range you wish to repeat.

  • Hello

    I downloaded an update to my roster app on my iPad and when I tried to open it , it appears for a slit second then crashes.

    Can you advise how to rectify?

    • Hi
      We’ll need some information to investigate on that..
      What generation iPad do you use?
      What iOS version is it on?
      Is it a 3G or Wifi model?
      Is your device crash when connected to Wifi?


  • I have ipad2 , wifi and 3g .
    Simple roster loads , then appears for split second then disapears again .
    I have uninstalled and reloaded latest updates
    But still crashes as soon as it ooens

    • Thanks for letting us know. We’re working on update 2.11 to rectify this issue. It should be out within a week.

  • Hi, bought the full version for my old phone but when I upgraded my phone it is saying I need to buy the full version.

  • Never mind I got it

  • Hi, Fabulous app. Just wondering if you have a function that allows you to change the view so that we can see the roster of the next month without having to scroll to the next month. In other words the current day is always on the first line of the roster And you always see the next three weeks. Hope this makes sense.

    • Thanks for your suggestion, we will definitely keep that in mind when we develop our next update!

  • Iphone 6+ updated to full version now it crashes When i try to reopen I have reinstalled it. Still won’t work. Running latest iOS

    • We’re working on an update to resolve this, the update should be out very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience

  • I just purchased full versions of simple roster for my iPhone 5s and my wife’s 5s and when I try to transfer a roster from my phone to my wife’s it recognizes hers and says transfer is complete but the roster I just sent her isn’t there.

    • On transfer completed, there are a couple more steps that needs to be done before your wife’s phone can import the roster. Just stay on the screen and follow the prompt.

  • Hi,
    I’mm unable to share my full version with my partner on our iphones. any tips?

    • You should restore purchase in “About” -> “Full Version” on your partner’s iPhone

  • karen hodson |

    i have deleted all my shift from oct 14-sept 15 is there any way of restoring them !!!!

    • You will have to restore your iPhone from the last backup on iTunes. We’re planning to implement iCloud backup in future updates and it will be easier for backup.

  • I paid for the full version of this app a few years ago and noticed it’d disappeared from my phone. I just went to update it and it’s telling me it’s not available in the Canada App Store –

    I paid for it!! Why is it now restricted to the U.S. ?

  • Hi, as have seen with earlier comments I have the same problem. I have uploaded to full version, the app worked for 5mins but now has crashed and won’t reopen. It attempts too and fails every time. I have an iPhone 6 and all my updates are up to date.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you in advance.

    • We’re releasing update version 3.2 which should fix the crash being reported, the update should be in store in a day or 2. Please try updating to version 3.2 and see if it fixes the crash for you.

  • How do I sync the roster to a specifics iCal calendar?

  • Matthew Lloyd |


    I have been using the simple roster app for a while. Recently I added a new shift that was a set of rocket ships. After adding this shift to my my roster clander the app crashed and I have been unable to open it. I have tried to restart my phone and close the app then relaunch it but it will not open.


    • We have another user with the same issue, the only way to resolve it is to delete the app and re-install from the app store.

      We’re trying to identify the issue and release an update in the coming days.

  • When ever i ope the Simple Roster App on my Iphone 5S, I get a message flash up on the screen that disappears then reappears quickley. It says “Unsupported Authentication Method
    The authentication method (NSURLAuthenticationMethodHTTPBasic) used by the server at iadctest.qwapi.com:80 is not supported. The ad or parts of the ad will not be served.”
    Any help would be appreciated

  • I am trying to do a wireless transfer of my rosters from old iPhone4S to an iPhone5S. It seems perform the transfer by going through the process and then saying it is complete, but no data copies over to the 5S.
    Any ideas what’s going wrong?

    • After transfer finished, make sure you complete the rest of the steps on your iPhone 5S. You’ll have to decide which profile you import the transferred roster on the phone

      • What extra steps are there on the 5S? I’ve tried this about 20 times and after the transfer seems to have successfully completed between the devices, there are no further options/steps to perform. What am I missing?

  • Okay, so there are now some new steps, which were not there the previous 20 times I tried this.
    After the transfer has been successfully completed, and I then import the relevant profiles (and I have tried this multiple times too, either as new profile, or overwriting ‘Me’) the data still does not appear. It looks like its has transferred to the 5S, with there being 456 days of the transferred roster, but I can’t find it, view it, or do anything else to access it.
    What else am I missing??

  • My roster on the 5S contains 4 profiles that I have transferred. They all appear to exist, but when selected as the active profile they contain no data…

  • So, I finally got the extra bits on the 5S when I deleted and reinstalled the app.
    Got my 4xprofile rosters transferred but it didn’t do any of the shifts or notes… More than a little disappointed in the amount of time I spent doing this to only get a portion of what I needed and having to re-enter so much data. Maybe in a future update this could be addressed?

    • Yes, we’re looking into backup and restore option via iCloud in the coming updates so this would be addressed. Thanks for your comment.

      • Completely off topic, but another suggested update would be to have the days of the week prior and the week following able to be viewed with the current month’s roster. Just my 2 cents worth ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I bought full version but the app has not been able to sync all my shifts onto calendar. No matter how many times i tried to remove and re sync still have some shifts missing. Please correct the problem thanks. Otherwise the calendar is pretty much useless if the info is not accurate

  • i’ve got a 6s, and simple roster was working perfectly. apple swapped my phone for an unrelated reason and i cannot now input any data. i can create shift types and then try and add them, but they do not appear on the calendar. what can be done? thanks

  • the new update has fixed this bug – ignore the previous comment!

  • Hi, I’ve downloaded the full app and put in all of my shifts with no issues, however when I try to sync these shifts with my Apple calendar only some of my shifts are copying over. Is this a common issue? Is there a limit to the number of months you can sync at one time?

  • You can add the possibility to choose which iOS Calendar do the sync?
    Thank you

  • When syncing to iCal a 12hour shift just shows up from 9-5. Also, is there any way you can sync both yours and a friends onto iCal? Thanks

    • Would you be mind sharing your calendar to us so we can investigate please? You can do so by making a backup in ‘Setting’->’iCloud backup’->’Backup now’. Then long hold on the backup for 5 seconds and ‘Share Backup’

  • Hi I have installed this app and upgraded to full version. I was wondering if you can transfer the notes that I’ve added on the calender? When I transfer Calenders with my husband our shifts transfer but none of the notes do thanks

  • I have tried to repeat my roster but can’t change the dates. It only allows me to change the date to the one at the bottom of the repeat screen.

    • You can change the start & end date once you have entered the repeat roster menu. First, tap on ANY 2 dates at the same time on the calendar to bring up the repeat menu first. Then in the repeat menu, tap on the start & end date cell and you will be able to change the start & end date to the range you wish to repeat (Up to 26 weeks).