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  • The app works well. Here are some thoughts. I would like to see the ability to add BOTH height and width at the same time, resulting in a frame around the original image. Adding the new canvas to the sides, or the top/bottom just doesn’t look very good. For instance, I took a portrait orientation image and adjusted it to an aspect ratio of 17:22 to yield a perfect 8.5×7 print. But the colored bars on both sides make the image look unfinished. I would prefer if the app also allowed adding a bit to the top and bottom.

    An interactive method would be very cool; set the desired aspect ration, then drag “handles” out away from the existing image to the desired frame/canvas size and then commit. This is like the anti-crop capabilities in Photoshop. A very quick way to expand the canvas.

    Other methods/features to consider might be to add all of the additional canvas area to only one side, top or bottom, leaving an area for text, etc.


  • This app stopped working on me. Every time I load a picture, it doesn’t show up or let me save it. I try restarting my iPhone twice and the same thing keeps happening. Is there anything else that can be done?

    • Tried*

    • Did you mean you’re able to select photos but unable to save it back to your camera roll? Have you given permission to “Photo Canvas Size Increaser” in
      Settings -> Privacy -> Photos?