Simple Roster 2.30 update is out. It contains a new function “Repeat Note” which is now available in “Repeat Roster”. As usual there’re usability improvement and minor bug fixes.

  • Attempting to download full version, but app keeps crashing and not available on App Store – any reasons?

    • For full version, you do not need to visit the app store again. You can do it in “Simple Roster” -> “About” tab -> “Full Version” -> “Get Full Version”

  • After updating to full version on iPhone 5s the app no longer works. Only flashes on for second and then closes. I have tried deleting and downloading several times. Turned phone on and off a dozen more. Updated iPhone and repeated. Still same one second flash of company logo and one month calendar then closed

    • Hi Will, I have another user with the same issue, and he managed to fix it after deleting Simple Roster on his iCloud. Can you give that a go please?

  • I want to transfer my schedule to my wife it says looking for devices but that’s all is it transferred through Bluetooth or wifi how do I do the transfer ?

    • Both your iPhone and your wife’s iPhone will have to be in the “Wireless Transfer” page of Simple Roster to be able to be searchable.

  • Adding friends (my wife’s) roster no longer seems to work. It says it’s added it but no shifts show up. I’ve been using app a long while now so I know how to add rosters. Any ideas?

    • When you mention adding friend’s roster, do you add it by transfer? or manually put them in?

  • trying to purvhase full version (in app purchase not allowed ????? how do you buy it ……Im in (about) puchase full