We have released version 5.3 for Simple Roster. This update has fixed critcal bug where shifts with black colour have been disappeared from the calendar.
Also includes improvement from version 5.2 which increases max shift hour to 24 hours and updated FAQ

Download/Update here

  • Why are notes missing when exported as csv?
    One note appears- many others missing.

    • It seems to all appear in our testing, I’ll pass this to the developers for further testing.

  • Klaus Gautschi |

    I bought Simple Roster and it worked great on my 4s iPhone. Just upgraded to a SE iPhone and downloaded the app, but when I enter a shift, on the shift list, it disappears when the phone is powered off. It will not enter a shift on the calendar either. Wonder why it will not work on my new iPhone Se? Help!

    • This happens to one of our other users as well. I’d suggest to delete the app on your new phone and reinstall from the app store again. Then you should create a backup on your old phone in ‘Setting’ -> ‘iCloud backup’ -> ‘Backup now’. Then have the backup restored on your new phone on the re-downloaded app

  • I just got The app and use it on Apple Watch. It seems that I only have current monthly view. Wonder if I can choose previous or next month ?